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tv   [untitled]    August 5, 2013 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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>> first of all i want to say a very happy birthday to our commissioner ann who is here on
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a very special day i have never worked with you and it has been a pleasure and it has been a pleasure. and so happy birthday. [ applause ] >> do you have a few words to say. >> that is what i think of my birthday. >> thank you so much, and we do appreciate you. >> approval of the minutes july 9, 2013, is there a motion >> so moved. >> second. >> is there a second. >> all right s there a public comment on the minutes? >> all right. there will be no public comment on the minutes, all say by saying aye? >> aye. >> minutes are approved and we turn to general comments and item four. first off is clark, friends, welcome back. an n >> thank you very much, i am a resident of san francisco and vice president of (inaudible) and the volunteer legal coordinator and i am here to
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remind you that three more weeks and commissioner we have wonderful birthday parties especially in the evening when the cake comes out and lights go off and everybody sings happy birthday. so come to camp may fair. my last week is the last week of being volunteer leader and if you ever made it there yet come there and see me, we have the social hour that welcome the people and people that really want to get together and finally i want to show you this is this year's t-shirts, this is what they look like. and these are the kids ones and they are selling out fast and there are different colors and they are orange and green and we have beautiful azalia t-shirts too. the very final thing is through the amazement and i don't know who did this, but the camp was in the u.s. news report, u.s.
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news today and just recently and for those of you who have been up to camp may fair or who haven't, does that not look like camp may fair that was the picture in the usa news, and so i brought you copies so i thought that you enjoy finding out what is being said nationally about the camps and camp may fair and thank you again to all of the staff and to you, and for all of your help and support. and don't forget, camp has three more weeks to go. >> thank you so much for all of the work that you and the volunteers do. any other public comments for item four? >> none, tech communications item number five? any questions or response. >> yes, i have a question on item c.
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the sewer i see that last year we inspected 130 miles and what did we propose last year to do? >> 79. >> what was the question again commissioner? >> i said what was or what did we propose last year to do for the miles inspected for the sewers? i see that we did 130. >> yes, we have been trying to get to 150 every year. so with the game plan and that would be the inspection part and then the other piece would be 15 miles of replacement. >> so my question is what was proposed last year? >> could i jump in? >> our plan was that we wanted the sewer for 150 miles so that we can identify the conditions and prioritize them and so, one of the big things that we are doing and especially waste water is to inspect our assets
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so therefore we can prioritize them before they are damaged out of 130, we shuffled them in and prioritized them. and so, we could give you based off of the inspection, our priorityization report. and we could include that. >> don't we in the budget say that we propose to do so many miles of inspection. >> that is correct and we have been trying to get to 150 every year and if you actually look back on several years, some years we did more, but what happened is when we get into the trouble areas, and you know we actually have to do less because we have to clean right in front of it. so it requires more. >> i totally understand what you are saying but you still have not answered my question. what did we propose in our budget last fiscal year. >> we propose 150 for every year for the last... >> okay. >> for the last several years. >> correct. >> i am looking at the 15, and
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14, and we are looking forward to 105. i am not sure exactly if this is something about my staff, but every year for conditional staff to make it work and so we have two things going on and so you have just for the conditional assessment at work and we also do things for other departments other inspections on top of the contracts and we have actually had to pick up quite a bit more, with the paving program. and so there is a lot more work that has to be done today than we were in the past. the pavement program along the line of 800 extra blocks and so this is additional to what we are doing and so that is why you see the difference there, with more mileage that what was proposed. >> so this report is sort of fuzzy is that what you are saying? >> it certainly is from perspective ma'am. >> all right. thank you. >> any other public comments? >> on the communications? >> all right. there being none, we will move
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on. >> and other commissioner business? >> i have a resolution before us and commissioner? >> let me move that first of all and then i will speak to it. the state wide agency and the president of the organization moves in a fairly ordered way, that the vice president very typically becomes president of the following year. and there is not usually a lot of need for us to step in and vocalize our support in any way. there is not a need and there is however, an opportunity for us to express support for somebody, who i think is who is a member for the east bay mud and he is obviously in northern
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california and has been mud and he has a lot of similarity to our system and a lot of common interests and he is represented of those interests and i think that in a balanced or effective way and so i think that the resolution in support of his nomination is appropriate and i would expect it as president that you would be very accessible and reacceptable to the commission's entry and positions. >> any public comments? >> i would like to second the motion. >> moved by moran and moved by caen. >> aye, opposed? >>. >> report to the general manager, item number seven. >> first item that i would like to bring up is kay fernandez
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already the summer is over and the mayor mandated that he would like the city to employ 6,000 youth this summer, of which the pec has stood up and we employed over 500 youth this summer. and so, could you go into some details? thanks. >> sure. >> good afternoon, commissioners, thank you for the opportunity to be here today. and i speaking on behalf of juliet ellis the manager of external affairs to give an update from the may 8th commission where they presented about the youth investments. as he mentioned our investments contribute to the mayor's job and plus initiative and also align with our community benefits policy by providing local youth employment opportunities this summer as part of the commitment to enhance the competitiveness of the young people, and be a good neighbor in the areas that we serve and help us to develop the skills and workforce for
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the future, since you heard of lot of this during the may commission update, i am going to provide a brief reminder of the youth employment ad back funding strategy and update you on the learning grants that you approved at the may 8th commission meeting and most of the time allowing you to hear from the youth and the program leaders themselves because they have such a unique perspective and rich stories to share with you. i also want to thank all of the program leaders and the youth who came here today. you can see that we have a full room for this commission meeting, it is an opportunity for them to share with you and also hear and see how our commission works. and then at the end i will come back to wrap up with a few next steps. >> this slide is remainder of the may 8th update. the board of supervisors allocated about 1.4 million
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dollars of the two-year budget to invested specifically in youth employment. for the 2012-13 board ad back, we really focused on strategies that could be immediately implemented and therefore we leverage and expanded the existing pec investments in this area and piloted a new non-profit strategy through a grant making process. so for the fiscal year, 13, 14, we hope to incorporate the lessons from this summer and then focus on implementing the sustainable enhancements and impacts for ongoing investments. the majority of our youth investments were focused on leverage and expanding the current programs, this slide shows the list of the programs that are engaging the youth this summer. each were administered in partnership with other city sister agencies such as the
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department of public works, the office of economic and workforce development, the department of children, youth and families, the police department and the sheriff's department, as well as the professional services firms that are fulfilling their community benefits commitment with the pec. what was significant in this year's investments is that it included more coordination across the programs that we have been currently investing in. and we also had intentional data collection where the youth served and had surveyed and participated in youth led tours and our waste water treatment facilities and also were conducting part of in-house workshops and we have also determined the way to keep the youth connected after the internship ends so that we can track and work with them through a web portal. and in addition, to expanding our existing programs we
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leverage these partnerships with local non-profits and as i mentioned during the may 8th meeting you authorized and approved the staff to admiol that distributed up to $150,000 of the board use add back for this year for up to 10 local non-profits and so this allowed us to increase the number of youth and expand the access to opportunities as well as also offer project based opportunities so that we could harass the perspectives and learnings that we could from the youth to learn about the environmental stewardship and give them expose sure to career pathways. several programs are here today to give you a sense of what they learned and the recommendations that they gave us on how they engaged the youth in the communities as we go and out do programs like the south east sewer system improvement program, our water system and drink tap. and it is really exciting to have seen and sat in some of
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their sessions, because they have a really different way of looking at it. they are developing as we speak, multimedia materials such as videos, pod casts and presentations that will help us as we do this out reach. following the may 8th commission approval, published the request for proposals for project learning grants that were released in early june and we followed a competitive review process and awarded up to $150,000 to ten local non-profit and leveraging support for 277 additional youth this summer. this is a list of the ten non-profits that we supported. and many of them are here today. and the aphillip randolph institute of san francisco collected the impacts that includes the community ken iter and hunter's point family, and
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lyric and the samoan market and the community action network and the center and the vietnamese development center. so i would like to give the remainder of my time to the interns so that you can hear more about the experience and take away from the summer. david who is a non-profit partner who received a base learning grant young community developers that is working with the south east, sfi internship program that was done in partnership with the parson and whurs and brown and caldwell and srt and project mrur who was an intern who was based at our 525 headquarters to talk about the youth led on tours that they did. >> i am the deputy director here, and we are a non-profit in the city and to build the
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city and change with the lesbian and gay and queer and questioning youth. and we have the program for years and this is the first time that we have been able to take part of the opportunity in the pec to really engage our young people in the environmental justice work and to expose the career pathways that could lead to green jobs and other ways to them to benefit the community and so we want to thank you for this opportunity and we will turn it over to tracy who is the project lead on this and we also have a land out for the commissioners. >> good afternoon, my name is tracy zoo, again and i wanted to, thank you all for supporting this exciting opportunity for lgbt youth to be engaged in this project based learning opportunity. and first i want to tell you a little bit about myself and give you a project overview and also on the hand out. and bay view as a young person and as a young adult i worked
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in bay view as a youth worker and today i continue to do justice advocacy around the way area. i have had a first hand experience and as a former participant and i am currently on the board and i know how valuable of a resource it is for the use and especially the use of color and low income use and particularly the mission and the bay view neighbors because it is really a place that they can come to be themselves. and i am honored to have this opportunity to be designing, and implementing this justice project. and before i give you the project overview, i want to come mend the pec for passing the round justice policy in 2009 and your continued commitment and support to operationalize the policy and infuse it throughout the entire agency. and the community benefit's program is truly an innovative
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strategy for the agency to insure that the communities are heard and are engaged in decisions that ultimately impact their lives. with this principle flaming the project, the project, of which our youth will engage with the water and sewer system has a working title of healthy community and healthy water sheds and it takes appreciation, education and action and so two of our internship cohorts that will be participating this summer from mid august to the end of september. and we will have these opportunities to enjoy their water shed by hiking, and in the glen canyon to see the top of the water shed and specifically the creek and mission creek water shed and they will be kayaking in the mission creek or as the creek now to see the mouth of these water sheds and really to
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understand the natural environment in which not just our water system depends on that, but what i consider to be our sewage sheds and depend on that gravity and built the environment as well. and the education phase will include the sfpuc tour, and the tour possible tour of the south east waste water treatment plant and the justice workshops. which the youth begin to articulate how the waste water and water systems really impact their every day lives. and so one of the examples i like to give is as young people drive to school, as they drive passed where the avenue,, why is that that section particularly under the freeway
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gets flooded because it is part of the creek and the water shed that gets emptied out into the bay so this is really a tangible understanding of not just the natural environment but the built environments is where these tours and these workshops are going to start eliciting these personal connections to these city-wide issues. and as we jump into that action component, there will be community data and creating personal narratives of how the issues impact their lives but the communities and they will capture the stories and capture all of that? the recommendations and in a photo voice project and pod cast that they will be desiminating via social media. >> in the end, really the summation it appears and hopefully, in the cross tagging and the cross posting of the pc facebook profile as well. the visibility of the pc among the youth. and i hope to cap it off with the presentations to the
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appropriate pec audience. and i urge you to stay updated on this project via, the lyrics facebook page and as many of us know, a healthy community are a key ingredient to the healthy water shed. and they are engaging the youth in protecting and engaging the environment in the local water sheds. >> i will be brief. good afternoon commissioners, my name is dj and my the president of the developers, and we have not talked about the program and it is a ten week program and it is actually turning into a life experience for the youth here in district ten. last we started off with 15 and
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this year, 30, with 70 percent of the interns returning which is a total of 11. we have teams in district ten, attending the university, and cal poly, and merced and new york, and san francisco city college and high schools from all over the city. in the program, these kids don't take field trips they take educational trips. they have a tour of the swaurt shed and a group of 17 of the students usually leaving tomorrow morning. and they hear from guest speakers such as chris jackson who is on the college board of trustees and actually represent robert davis, and jessica williams was given justice and diversity to the kids can and lisa came in and did a workshop on leadership. karen as well as johnson came out and spoke with the kids as well, too. so every friday, so the kids go to work monday through thursday
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and every friday they spend time and go over the skills or revisit the goals and we talk about the situational leadership. and we talk about the field trips that are coming up and they will present to the full commission on august 8th and present a cap stone project of everything that they learned over the summer. we want to say thank you to the partners at pec, and tom, srt and whurs bran and coldwell and also with david and associates and we are just looking forward to many more years of the ssip program. thank you. >> thank you, i know that my brother in the audience, don't you have an event coming up on the 40th anniversary that you should be required to give a shout out to? >> thank you, commissioner. >> that is a little bit of a plug. >> it will be celebrating the anniversary on september 20th,
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if you are interested contact me via, the website and we will be more than welcome to welcome you. >> good afternoon commissioner and happy birthday. >> my name is lily sunday and i am a member of the (inaudible) team and i am here representing the par son's joint venture and this is the second year participating in the ssip program and each year has been a great experience having the interns in our offices and it brings in a great energy and creativity in the offices craoe minding our professional staff of why they chose to be engineers and planners and developers. and we are happy that the pec has expanded the program to include all firms participating on the ssip program allowing more students to participate in it as dj mentioned there are
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over staff participating. it is a great partnership led by the pec, which includes rotation at thes actual consultant's office and then leads to the cap stone project. and during the rotation, they provide educational tasks related specifically to the area and this included engineering tools like auto cad, google sketch up, and google earth and gis mapping and then for finance and accounting we had and we taught them how to create the spread sheets for budget planning and estimating and the cost benefit analysis and things like that. these are all tools that they will need for their cap stone
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project. and our mentors also shared experiences on the large infrastructure project that we worked on the waste water and transportation projects and we took them out on tours with the facilities as well as the transbay project and showed them how the different cities will enter face with one other. if you don't mind i would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the students that are participating in these youth mentor programs and for just taking these important steps and continuing their education, and controlling the direction of their future. our mentors remain available to assist during your cap stone project and to give you guidance that is needed through the coming years, thank you. >> how many students go on to acquire jobs in your company? >> how many of these students? >> yes. >> are they eventually hired? is there a program where they
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are allowed to participate in the hiring? >> yes. i mean that we have intern programs that are ongoing before they have to fight the intern program. >> are they offered the expectation that they may get a job that is long term. >> i believe on the projects here and ultimately we would like them working on the program and just with the continuation and consistency, but yes,... >> your students stand? >> would you have your students stand? so we can acknowledge them? >> [ applause ] >> thank you. >> my name is analise and am i team leader and this summer we had the opportunity to employ over 100 youth from san
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francisco and with me today are two the interns who are going to talk to you about their experience. >> hi. >> hi, everyone. my name is natalie and i am going to be a senior at will high school. >> and my name is (inaudible) corey and i am going to be a sophomore at san francisco state university. >> good for you. >> so, like she said, we are interns for the project poll. and we both work at the sfpuc up on the 12th floor in communications, do you want to tell them what was our job? what do we do? >> i first want to ask you, is she a good person to work with? >> yes. >> all right. >> okay. >> at the sfpuc, we work on the 12th floor under the community benefits and communication. and what we do as interns working on the 12th floor we give the tours on the second floor to the people coming to the sfpuc to come and find out about what we do at the sfpuc
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and what does it mean to work with water, power and sewer. >> like she said, we give tours to other youth working in the youth works and project poll and sfip and all of the programs that you saw before. and probably we have most likely give to everyone back there and we tell them how green the building is. >> how many people are with you from this program? >> in our little group? >> here today? >> we have all of our tour people are back there, do you guys want to raise your hands? >> welcome. thank you for all of the work that you do. >> so what is the most interesting question that you have been asked on these tours? >> that is a good question. >> the living machine and the fire fly wall and we are not allow to go up to the other floors because we do not want to distesh the other workers there, and sometimes people ask
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us and they have a little video that shows the other floors, but we also play a game. we tell the kids at the beginning we are going to ask you guys questions about what you just learned about the puc and we show them a video about the sewer program and we split them up in a team so they play with the food prizes they are getting invested because we know what it is like to learn and what the best ways to learn are and if you are invested you are going to remember that information so that in the future all of these youth interns that might be working at the puc and some of us might be commissioners and hopefully that they get invested in what we are doing here because it is our future and we want to make sure that we are making take of ourselves. >> did you have something else to add? >> well, in addition to that, we do have speakers that come down, people who are executive floor and other floors, that do come down and tell us what it is like to get to where they


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